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By now, you’ve probably seen the video of former University of California, Berkeley, quarterback Garrett Gilbert getting punched in the face during a homecoming parade last fall.

It was one of several videos on social media that depicted the UC Berkeley athlete being attacked by a mob of white students during a March 16 event.

In the video, Gilbert is seen trying to grab the man who allegedly assaulted him.

The video was viewed nearly 8 million times, and Gilbert received more than 100 death threats.

However, the video was taken from an actual student, and not a student video, so it was not a perfect portrayal of what occurred.

For starters, the student involved in the attack was never charged with a crime.

The man who assaulted Gilbert in the video is shown repeatedly laughing while punching him in the head.

The attacker is then heard laughing as he punches him again in the back of the head, according to the police report.

The victim does not appear to be able to fight back, and the attack continued.

However the video does paint a picture of a very violent, and possibly racist, attack on a student.

This is because the attacker did not seem to be the victim of racial profiling.

After the attack, the UCB student accused the assailant of trying to intimidate him by pointing a gun at him and telling him that he had the power to shoot him.

UCB police released the video and transcript of the student’s interview with police after the incident to The Daily Californian.

In it, the man in the videos claims he was approached by a group of men in a car after the parade and asked if they could give him some cash, according the transcript.

He says the men asked him if he was white, and then they began making comments about his race.

The student also says that he was told to stop fighting, and that the man took a knife and started stabbing him.

As he was stabbed, the attacker said that if he had not stabbed him in his back, he would have killed him.

But after the attack the attacker told the students that he didn’t care if he killed him, according a transcript of a police report obtained by The Daily Cal.

The transcript also showed that the student told the officers that he thought Gilbert had killed the other student who had attacked him.

“The victim stated that he did not know if he could get out of the car,” the transcript reads.

“However, after being stabbed in the right side of the neck, the victim stated he did get out and that he started to run away from the area.

The next thing the victim remembers is the knife being put into his back.”

In the transcript, the police said the student “did not say he was sorry for the attack and that was a lie, but he was remorseful.”

The student in the other videos was not charged with any crime, and he was allowed to keep his scholarship.

However that does not mean that racial profiling did not happen.

The police said that during the investigation into the attacks, they learned that one of the suspects who attacked Gilbert “did make contact with the victim.”

However, they said that the person who attacked him was never arrested.

The UC Berkeley police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

One of the video’s creators, Eric Kober, said he has no regrets about posting the video.

“I’m proud of what I did,” he told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“This was an act of pure stupidity and racial profiling.”

It’s worth noting that this video was posted nearly a year ago.

UC Berkeley has said that it was only recently that the school launched a “racial sensitivity” task force, but this task force has not yet responded to TheDCNF’s requests for comment on how it plans to investigate the case.

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