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The US is one of the countries most vulnerable to mass migrations and climate change, with thousands of refugees flooding into the US every year.

But what happens when the country is forced to turn to alternative schools?

The United States has already been experimenting with schools that educate refugees and other migrants.

It’s the only nation to have launched a new, non-profit school that aims to educate refugees on the basics of life.

The New America Foundation, a nonprofit focused on creating opportunities for refugees, has created a refugee school in Houston.

The school’s mission is to help refugees find a way to survive after the arrival of more Americans, who are increasingly leaving their homelands in search of a better life.

New America Foundation President and CEO Michael Dreeben said the new school aims to provide a more humane and inclusive education to those who have fled their homeland, as well as the refugees who return to their home countries.

“Our goal is to provide students a more comprehensive, well-rounded education, one that is not just about a few classes, but a comprehensive education that is designed to serve as a bridge between their home country and their new homeland,” Dreeber said.

“It is also designed to create a space that refugees can live in, one where they can integrate into the American society that they want to live in.”

While the school has just begun accepting refugees, it’s already been a success.

It has more than 10,000 students enrolled and more than 20,000 alumni.

The New America foundation expects to receive another 5,000 applications for the school over the next few months.

New Americans’ refugee program is the first to be accredited by the American Council on Education.

Its founder, Daniel G. Johnson, said the school was an opportunity to “make a difference” for refugees in the United States, adding that its aim is to educate students “on the fundamentals of life.”

“It’s really just a way for people who are already in the country to get a better sense of the things that they have and how they can make a better future for themselves and their families,” Johnson said.

NewAmerica is working with local community organizations to expand the school to other parts of the country, such as in California.

Johnson said that with the new program, he hopes to reach out to as many refugees as possible.

He’s also considering expanding the program to other countries to better prepare refugees for a better world.

“If we’re able to reach some of those kids and say, ‘OK, we want you to go back to school.

We’re going to give you an extra year in school, we’re going go to the local community center and we’re also going to help you get jobs,’ that’s a win-win,” Johnson told NBC News.

Johnson says he hopes that by focusing on the “core values” of refugees, New America’s programs will become a model for others who are interested in refugee education.

He added that New America is also considering a partnership with the UNHCR to provide refugee students with a training program to help them learn the skills needed to thrive in the U.S. He said the refugee program could be expanded in the future.

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