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Parents are suing to force their schools to allow students to access the internet to learn about sex education.

The lawsuits, filed in federal court in Los Angeles and San Diego, accuse schools of violating federal sex education law by not allowing students to use technology to access information about sexual health, including contraception and safe sex.

The suits allege that these students have been “forced to spend time online and in class, and are forced to access this information at school hours when school is not in session.”

Schools are also being accused of failing to properly educate students about safe sex, such as preventing exposure to STDs.

“This lawsuit alleges that California public schools and other entities in California have been violating federal law and violating their contractual obligations with their students,” attorney David G. Smith, who represents the plaintiffs, said in a statement.

“Schools have been instructed to use online sex education as a means of circumventing Title IX requirements and failing to comply with the law.

Parents have a right to know that these schools will be held accountable for the harm caused to their children by allowing students access to the internet and for failing to protect students from sexual abuse and violence.”

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