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A study has found that the lowest state is New South Wales, with only 0.6% of the population achieving a 4 or 5 on a standardised test of literacy.

The lowest literacy rate is found in Victoria, where only 0,2% of people are capable of reading and writing.

A study by the Australian Literacy Council found that people in Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria had the highest literacy rates, at 7.9%, 5.2% and 5.1%, respectively.

In terms of numeracy, New South and Victoria have the highest rates at 3.3%, 4.3% and 3.2%, respectively, in Australia.

The research by the LCLC found that in all three states, a higher percentage of people achieved the basic literacy test than a standard test.

But the researchers said the results were misleading because people could score below the level required to pass the test, meaning that they would still be able to do so if they had access to the appropriate resources.

A common misconception about literacy and education in Australia is that most people who can read and write have already started to get some kind of education, such as the National Curriculum.

But a national standardised assessment can only assess whether people can read or write, and not whether they can read a word of a text.

The LCLP says this is why the national standard is called the ‘Common Core’ and is based on the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

It was developed by the Department of Education, and is widely used in all states and territories, with the Department-wide assessments also used.

The Common Core is designed to help teachers develop the skills necessary to teach students in the next decade.

However, the LCLA says that while the Common Core standards are designed to prepare teachers to use the technology of the future, it has also failed to do much to improve education in the 21st century.

For example, the test does not differentiate between the content of a document and the way in which it is being read or understood.

It doesn’t measure how a student actually learns or learns differently from others.

It also doesn’t compare students to each other.

The report states that there are a variety of methods for assessing literacy and literacy-related skills in children, but it says the LclC’s assessment of these skills is flawed.

It says the Common Curricu- lation and its testing standards are more useful for teacher recruitment and development.

The study also found that only a quarter of children aged under 12 could read and understand a word correctly, while only 19% of those aged 13 to 15 could.

This compares to around one in five people aged 65 and over, and one in 10 adults.

The results are based on data from the national literacy and knowledge tests administered by the ACT, Queensland and Western Australia.

However the ACT’s National Literacy Test has a higher test score, and the results are used by teachers in many states.

The ACT’s Education Minister, Paul Kelly, said the ACT and the states were not going to change its assessment system, because the results did not make them any less accurate.

He said the result was a national one and he was confident that it would be used nationally.

“I think it’s important that we continue to improve literacy, but we’re going to be focused on our schools,” Mr Kelly said.

“That’s the way we’ve got to go about that.”

I’ve spoken to the ACT Department of Human Services, they’re looking at that, but they haven’t made a decision yet.

“The ACT and WA have also implemented the Common Standard Test, but Mr Kelly admitted that the results of the ACT tests were not being used nationally and that the states had not adopted the new system.

Mr Kelly also said that the ACT had a national curriculum, which was also being implemented nationally.

He also said the Common Standards would not be changed in the ACT. “

The ACT’s curriculum, standards and assessments are the same as the Common Common Content standards,” he said.

He also said the Common Standards would not be changed in the ACT.

The national standards are used in Queensland and the ACT to provide assessments to schools.

The tests are administered by schools and colleges and are based upon the Common- Core Standards.

The new national standard was introduced in March this year.

It requires teachers to prepare children for the new Common Curicu-lation in four areas: reading, writing, math and science.

The Australian Council for Educational Research said the new standard was a great achievement and called for a national assessment.

“It’s really a big step forward, and it’s going to make a big difference to students, particularly to disadvantaged children,” CERC executive director Mark Griffiths said.

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