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Texas Education Agency (TEA) Administrator Laura Schuler says her agency is looking into a new initiative that could lead to more students being trained for the next generation of computer science students.

“I think there is a lot of excitement around what we’ve been doing in the past two years in Texas and in the nation, but I think we’re going to have to be really careful about how we implement it,” Schuler told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

“We’re not there yet.”

The Texas Education Achievement Framework, which has been in place since last summer, includes a series of online courses, and the latest round of training for teachers.

Schuler said the state is hoping to roll out the program by the end of the year.

“It’s really about the ability to be able to build skills that people want to do,” Schulersaid.

“And if we can do that with a program like this, I think it will really help.”

Schuler said there’s no evidence yet that the new programs will improve classroom performance.

She said it’s also important to keep in mind that students are different and that the training program will only improve classroom instruction and classroom skills.

“The reality is that these kids will come in, and it’s really important that they get the most from it and they don’t just go and work their asses off, which they have to do in order to make it,” she said.

“If we’re not providing a foundation of learning that can lead to these next generation computer science teachers, I don’t think that we’re really going to be making any progress on the trajectory of computer education.”

Schulerschool is working with a group of organizations and schools to make sure the training is integrated into the state’s curriculum.

The agency also has launched a website to promote the program.

“We are really excited about it,” said Stephanie Daugherty, a teacher in Fort Worth who is working to help create a course called “The Teaching of Computer Science” that will be taught by teachers.

“It’s going to provide the skills that are necessary for people to become the next teachers of computers.

It’s really going a long way in helping people learn computer science.”

The agency is also working with state and local education leaders to provide more opportunities for teachers to work with students, including more opportunities to participate in online courses.

Schuler acknowledged the training would be an improvement over the current curriculum, but said the goal is to ensure that students have a strong foundation for the future.

“What we’re doing is putting a little bit of the training in front of the students, in front, so they can be ready when they’re ready to come back and do the things they need to do and be able do them at home,” she explained.

“But also to have the foundation of the skills and the knowledge and the confidence in their own abilities to take on these next steps in the career of computer scientists and computer engineers.”

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