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What you need to know about job prospects in finance.


When to apply and when to apply again When to apply: after a two-year probationary period.

What to expect: no application fee and a salary of between $120,000 and $140,000, depending on the role.

Why you should apply: the average job seeker in Australia currently earns between $100,000 to $140.5 million annually.

A career in finance, as in many other professions, can be lucrative.


Where to start applying for a job?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is a leading source of information on the labour market and economic trends across Australia.

The Bureau also publishes annual job data and provides the latest economic forecasts.

If you are an Australian citizen and are applying for an entry-level job in a finance or financial service company, you should get the most recent annual job forecast for that role, and also check the latest job market data.


What can you do to find a job if you are unemployed?

The National Council for Qualifications (NCQ) provides advice on the best ways to find work.

A career in financial services, as an analyst or consultant, or a financial advisor, can also provide an income that can pay for your mortgage, child care and other essentials.


Where can I find a finance career tutor?

If you want to become a finance professional or an analyst, you can find the best places to get training in the finance profession online, or by calling the National Council on Career and Employment, 1300 136 2255.

You can also use the NCQ’s Job Search Service to find and find out about local job vacancies.

If you have a question about a career in a financial service, contact the National Commission for Employment Research (NCER), 1300 659 042.

The National Council of the Commonwealth of Australia (NCCA) provides the best way to find employment in Australia.

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