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An article by James Ransom article It’s been almost a year since the first wave of hurricanes struck the Gulf Coast.

The first wave was named Hurricane Harvey, and as the hurricane progressed, the devastation and death of the first responders and residents became a familiar sight on the television and the internet.

And as the crisis grew, so did the media coverage.

The coverage has been both alarming and inspirational.

Some have said that it’s time to stop wasting money on costly training courses, or that it is time to embrace the new reality that we can’t afford to live in an economy that has been built on an unsustainable model.

Some say that the best way to deal with this situation is to have more people working in remote areas, with fewer people in cities.

Many of us in the Gulf are in a position to do just that.

As a part of our efforts to help people who are vulnerable, we are now offering our training programs and courses to educators and the general public.

We’re also in the process of offering the following educational materials and resources to those in need: A Guide to the Gulf: Educators, parents and caregivers can help you find the best resources to prepare for and manage a crisis in your community.

It includes resources for students, parents, teachers, government officials, businesses and others.

We want to hear from you: What would you do if you had the opportunity to learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your communities? 

Are you prepared to help? 

Is there something that you would like to share about this issue?

What are you doing to help and to make a difference? 

How can you support those in your communities who are experiencing a crisis?

Please take the time to sign up to our newsletter below to be notified when the next edition of the Guide to Gulf Coast Education is released. 

What are the challenges in getting trained in this area? 

The main challenge for our local community is how to get people to take the opportunity when they get the chance to train.

We know that many of the people we have trained in our courses and programs have been trained in a variety of disciplines, from business and administration to education, and so it’s not always easy to get them to take on a new skill.

Our hope is that as our programs expand in the future, we will have more qualified and experienced teachers available to provide training to the community at large. 

If you or someone you know needs help, you can reach out to our national office at (866) 836-7669 or the office in your area. 

For additional resources, check out our video: What is the Gulf of Mexico and what is the best place to visit for hurricane preparedness? 

We have developed a number of resources to help guide you in preparing for and managing a hurricane, including our Guide to hurricane preparedry and our Hurricane Preparedness Resource Center.

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