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American teachers across the country have taken a stand against racism, saying the nation is being left behind by the United States.

In a series of tweets, the teachers’ union said its members are working with community groups, community groups are urging teachers to stay in their classrooms and they are using their power to create an atmosphere of inclusion.

“We need to fight against racism in all of its forms,” said U.K. teacher Terence Beaulieu in one of the tweets.

“The fact that we’re in the middle of an election year and the country is so polarized, is a cause for alarm.”

The union’s statement comes as a U.N. study says American students have a higher percentage of minority students in their high schools and a lower percentage of black and Hispanic students.

The U.P.E. said the teachers union’s stance is “a dangerous and ignorant one,” saying it would be “a disgrace” for American teachers to speak out against racism.

The union said it was encouraging its members to speak up against racism because “the most powerful force in American education is the teachers.”

“We have to fight to create a safe, inclusive school environment for all students,” said American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten.

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