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Posted by Michael D’Antonio on January 23, 2018 07:01:38 I’m looking forward to next year’s Polygon’s annual “best of” list.

I’ve been really digging through all the blogs and reading a ton of content over the past few months.

So far, I have come across some really great posts on education, especially for younger people.

I’m especially looking forward as a first-time parent to reading that one from the folks at the Free Thinkers.

I thought this would be a great place to start.

We’ll start with the education-focused blog, Free Thinker, which focuses on what people have been saying about the importance of reading and learning.

The Free Thinkering blog has a lot of interesting content.

It’s full of thoughtful commentary on the value of reading, learning, and thinking, and the ways in which learning can be fun, rewarding, and life-affirming.

There’s a lot to read.

Here’s a sampling: Free Thinkercourse: How do you think free and open education can benefit you?

Free Thinkered: How would you feel if you were given a set of keys and told to get out of your house?

FreeThinkers: What are some of the things that you learn from your children that you’d like to pass along to future generations? What do you want your children to know about learning?


Thinker: What is the best free educational resources?

FreeLearners: How can we educate more people?

FreeEducation: Why are you on the front lines of education reform?

FreeReaders: Why do you believe that education matters?

FreeTeachers: What does it mean to be a teacher?

FreeToys: Why is it so important to know your children?

FreeLanguages: Why use languages?

FreeChildren: What makes learning fun?

FreeKids: What would you do if you couldn’t be a writer?

FreeTalk: How to have a great time?

FreeSchool: What kinds of lessons should you be teaching your children in your classroom?

FreePodcasts: What podcasts are worth listening to?

FreeTech: What can technology teach us about the future?

FreeEducators: What’s the biggest misconception about education?

FreeCulture: What will we learn in the coming years?

FreeCreative: What should we learn about culture in the 21st century?

FreeIdeas: How did you come up with your ideas?

FreeWires: What was the most challenging thing you’ve faced in your education journey?

FreeBooks: What books are worth your time and money?

FreeEbooks: What new books are out there that you might want to check out?

FreeTechnology: What technologies can we learn from?

FreeGames: What games are worth playing?

FreeMovies: What movies should we watch?

FreeScience: What science fiction and fantasy movies should be on your library?

FreeTravel: What places are worth visiting?

FreeMusic: What music are worth hearing?

FreeVideos: What videos should we download?

FreeArt: What art should we be watching?

FreeFood: What foods are worth eating?

FreeCookbooks: Books to get you started with cooking?

FreeFitness: How should we spend our free time? How much should we pay for something we don’t need?

FoodInSale: How will I be able to afford the food I want?

FoodBargains: Where can I find food I don’t want?

FreeOnlineStore: What websites do you recommend?

FreeHireSchools: Do I need to go to school to learn how to cook?

FreeHow to Get Your Kids To Learn About College: Why college is important to you?

How To Make Sure Your Kids Learn: What Are The Best Resources for Teaching Students How to Learn About History and History & Civilization?

How to Get your Kids To Be Happy: What Is A Good Idea?

Why are children so important?

What Are Some of The Most Important Resources for Kids to Learn?

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