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Apple is making a major change to its online education offerings with a $20 discount on all of its products and services.

The $20 MasterCard MasterCard discount applies to all MasterCard products and all services and will be available until April 16, 2018.

Apple has long offered a discount on some of its online offerings.

It’s one of the most popular places for consumers to find discounts on products such as the iPad and Apple Watch, but the discount on MasterCard seems to be a significant one.

MasterCard said in a statement that it’s “proud to offer the most competitive discount for students and educators across the world.”

Apple offers the discount to students and teachers who purchase its products, and the company said the discount is “the best in the industry.”

The company added that the offer will “provide the most affordable and flexible way for educators to use the MasterCard online education platform.”

Apple said it “does not charge a fee for the use of the Mastercard online education network, which provides students and schools access to a wide variety of products and features.”

Apple also offers a MasterCard app, which is designed to help educators make use of its education platform.

Apple said the app is “available on iOS, OS X and Windows devices.”

Apple has a number of online education services, including Apple Online Education and MasterCard Online Education.

MasterCard said the company also has a Mastercard-branded app that can be used to access more than 200 online offerings, including MasterCard Education, which offers courses and courses-as-a-service.

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