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“My parents always told me ‘no books, no movies, no TV’.

So, I was never really interested in going to college.

But as a teenager, I really got into reading and started to really study things.

I got into a really great group of writers and I’ve been really interested ever since.””

I read everything I could get my hands on, even though I knew it was probably not going to be that good.

I didn’t have a TV or a computer, so I did what I could to do whatever I could, which was to write books.””

But at the same time, I had a lot of friends who were really good at this kind of writing, and I remember one day my dad came home and I was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and he said ‘Rand, I just found your first book on how to write a book.

I can’t believe it.

I’m going to buy it.

It’s so good’.””

I said ‘Well, what’s the point of buying this book if I can write something good about the people in it?'”

He said ‘well, it’s your book, it is your book and I just want to give you a book’.””

So I wrote it.

“The book was called ‘The Art of Writing’.

It was about the life of a writer, a writer who wrote fiction and poems, a storyteller, a literary detective, a poet.

Rand Paul, whose father was a novelist, said he had a huge amount of confidence and confidence in his writing skills.”

It was really, really hard to write it, but I’m so glad I did it,” he said.”

When I read it, I realised I was actually very good at writing it.

And I didn.

It was a very good, good book.

“His mother, Susan, said her son, a teacher, had a real talent for writing.”

Rand was really good about reading, but he was really talented at writing.

And so when I first started reading his books, I thought I could do that, too, because he had such a big imagination.

He would go through all his books in a row and he would come back with a different idea for the next book.””

And I thought that would be very helpful for me.

“For the next few years, Rand Paul taught himself to write.

He wrote a couple of novels, but the best thing he ever did was write a screenplay for a movie.

He worked in a theatre and was involved in theatre productions.

But Rand Paul was still writing stories, and the first one he wrote was about his childhood in the rural South Carolina town of Grafton.”

I wanted to write something about Graftons people and how they would always try to tell stories, that it was very important that they were telling the truth and that their story was real.

And in Graftoner, the story is told by people who are very poor, people who have no education, people that don’t even have jobs, people with no education.

And it’s a very interesting story.

It goes into a very sad, dark place.””

This is the story of a lot more than Graftors story.

And that’s the kind of story that Rand was trying to tell.””

It’s also about a lot people, especially people in the arts.

And he had an eye for telling stories about these people and it was a really powerful book.

“He wrote the book, titled The Art of writing: How to write and be successful, after taking courses in film, drama, writing and acting.”

The only thing I can think of is that this book is really, actually very, very good and the one that made me realise that I can do this.

“He had a career in the film industry and his own show on HBO.

He said the book was a perfect illustration of how he would write a story.”

He also shared the story about his first TV series, which he co-wrote with fellow novelist and director Mark Wahlberg.””

It’s just beautiful to read.”

He also shared the story about his first TV series, which he co-wrote with fellow novelist and director Mark Wahlberg.

“We wrote the pilot and it just sort of fell into place,” he recalled.

“After we had written the pilot, we went to the first screening and there were just about 100 people in line to see it.

We sat on the floor in the theatre and it seemed like everyone else was watching the same show.””

They were just waiting to see if Rand would appear on the next episode.

And the thing is, we did a really good job, and we got a huge audience.”

The series ran for five years, with the first two seasons of the show, about a family’s life in Grief Island, going on for more

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