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K-8 school staff across the country will soon be hired by AOC Education Services, which provides support for education for students from kindergarten through Grade 12, in order to help ensure a smooth transition to higher education.AOC Education’s first staff member, Katie Smith, will be on call from March 13 to May 3 to work with the K-5 and K-4 school staffs.

K-6 and K, 7, and 8 year olds will be able to access their AOC education support online starting on May 12, and their older students will be eligible to access them beginning June 3.

This is a transition for many parents to their older children, and AOC is committed to supporting parents as they transition to a new learning environment.

AOC will provide guidance on how to navigate the transition.

Parents can also access their students’ schedules online and access the KPSs online learning plans, which are the school’s online education resources.

To receive the most out of their education, teachers and other staff should review AOC’s learning plans.

For teachers, we know that many of you have parents that are still working to make their K-6 education more affordable.

So, we are excited to be hiring staff to help you reach your goals in school and keep your K-2 teachers in the classroom.

We will continue to invest in our staff so that they have the skills and experience to help students navigate their education transitions.

A new staff member is being added to the AOC staff, who will be working closely with teachers to help make AOC a successful educational provider.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside our teachers and their families, and are looking forward to seeing you all in our new school, in the K6 classroom.

For more information on the transition and to learn more about AOC and K9, visit the Aoc website.

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