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Apple Education, the world’s largest provider of education and training products, is going to try to sell you on the discount it is offering on its new Apple Education DVD and Blu-ray set.

The new edition of the DVD and the Blu-Ray set will cost $399.99.

If you’re not a Mac user, you can still get the same content for just $129.99, but you’ll need to have a Mac to do that.

Apple Education says it is only offering the Blu.

Ray and DVD versions for now, but is hoping to have the first version of the two products available in the fall.

This will mean you won’t have to wait for the BluRay release.

Apple has already said that the DVD will include over 200 minutes of content.

It will also include content that was exclusive to AppleTV.

Apple says that the new edition will feature new content and will also have content that hasn’t been available in its previous editions, which includes over 200 hours of content that will be new to Apple’s new platform.

The first Apple TV edition will come with the Apple Education content, along with more than 200 hours worth of previously exclusive content that includes:A collection of clips, interviews and interviews, including interviews with the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, former Vice President of Product Development Craig Federighi, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

A new interview with former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

A documentary film, a new short film, and more.

And a new featurette, “The Apple Story.”

The first iTunes Store Edition will include all the content that is in the first iTunes Retail Edition.

The second iTunes Retail Editions will include content from the iTunes Store, but will also be compatible with the first edition.

The second iTunes Edition will be available on September 5, but the first Apple Education will only be available starting on September 18.

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