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Donald Trump’s “bible” and his insistence that all people should learn the Bible were on display at the White House on Wednesday, as White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read from the book.

Trump, a devout Christian, has repeatedly stressed the importance of reading the Bible, a popular religious text for Christians and Jews.

He even said he would like to start a “bibleschool,” an online Bible school for students to learn the bible.

But many in the White Houses Christian and Jewish communities have been critical of Trump’s stance, particularly since he called a man who killed five people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin a “good guy.”

Sanders said Trump had been in the news recently for using a racial slur against the president of the United States.

“When you have the president-elect making comments about our president, I think it’s important for us to understand what that means,” Sanders said.

“It’s a very personal insult and it should not be condoned.”

Sanders read portions of the Bible from the New Testament, the Bible of the Jewish people.

She also used excerpts from the Bible’s Book of Revelation to illustrate the importance and history of the faith.

Trump has previously used the Bible to call for an end to the nation’s wars and the destruction of the planet, and to describe the nation of Israel as a “cancer.”

Sanders, in her opening remarks to the White Senate, noted that the Bible teaches that all Christians should be trained in the Bible and “all Americans should be taught the history of Christianity.”

She said Trump is not the first president to make the claim that Christians must learn the Christian faith.

“The President-elect has made similar claims before, and he has been challenged on these claims in the press,” Sanders told reporters.

“But we’re not here today to debate whether or not that is true.

We are here today as a nation to teach the Bible.”

Sanders also criticized Trump for his “blatant disregard for our laws and our Constitution.”

Sanders argued that Trump has made a lot of inflammatory comments in the past, including in response to a protester who yelled at him at a campaign rally in Florida.

“And I believe he has a responsibility to speak out and be heard, and I think his actions today demonstrate a lack of respect for our country,” Sanders added.

Trump’s press secretary also addressed Trump’s comments about the president.

“Mr. Trump is a very different person today than he was on election night,” Spicer said.

Trump said he was “extremely proud” of the president who won the popular vote, and said he believes the vote was “a total landslide” because he “won the popular votes by millions of votes.”

Trump told supporters in New York on Tuesday that the “polls were so wrong” and “there was a big difference in the popular ballots, and we won the election.

So we will be winning the elections.”

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