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The White House announced Wednesday it would spend $400 million to “help expand and enhance” the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) education department.

In a White House budget document, the administration also said it would help “fund the development of innovative and effective programs that deliver tangible results to our students, teachers, families and communities.”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, a vocal supporter of charter schools, will be working with DeVos to “develop a strategic plan for the Department of Educate- ment,” and she “will use her leadership and experience to create the most effective and effective school choice program in the world.”

Education Department spokeswoman Amy Hensley said in a statement that the administration is “actively exploring all options for investing in education.”

The White, House and Department of Labor are funding $1.3 billion to “support a robust and inclusive education environment,” including a $100 million investment in charter schools.

The budget also includes $300 million for a new department that will “support the education of our children in the areas of technology, innovation, and science.”

DeVos is scheduled to meet with the Education Department on Friday to discuss how she intends to make the department more inclusive and accessible.

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