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Teacher sex abuse has become the new battleground in education policy, as politicians debate whether to reinstate mandatory sex education for all teachers and how best to keep schools safe.

While sex abuse is not on the agenda at the federal level, advocates say that it has become a key factor in the education debate.

It is a topic that is central to the campaign to repeal mandatory sex ed, spearheaded by former Australian Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd, who said it should be a national priority.

The federal government announced last week that it will introduce compulsory sex ed for all secondary and post-secondary teachers in schools by the end of 2020.

But many education experts say mandatory sex in classrooms is not an effective way to combat the problem of teacher sex misconduct.

“I think it’s an unnecessary step,” said Dr Michelle McNeil, who researches sex abuse at Curtin University.

Sex education for teachers is not about sex, but about ensuring teachers are doing their jobs and helping students.

The current approach does not recognise that teachers are also students and are often vulnerable to inappropriate sexual behaviour by their students.

Dr McNeil said the federal government needs to take a fresh approach to sex education and take a broader approach to teachers.

“The education system needs to change and be more respectful of teacher behaviour,” she said.

“This is not just about sex.

There’s a lot of really important things that teachers do and need to do in the classroom that are not covered by the current model of sex education.

They are essential for teaching, for learning and for the mental health of teachers.”

A national education review commissioned by the Australian Education Union found mandatory sex should be introduced nationally.

Its recommended changes include:Mandatory sex education should be compulsory in primary schools and post secondary schools by 2020, including for all students;Mandatory sexualised imagery in the curriculum should be removed and replaced with content focused on helping teachers develop and develop a positive work culture.

The review also recommended a review of the way schools are structured and the way teachers are trained, including mandatory mandatory sex instruction for all staff.

Professor Gillian Larkin, who chairs the Australian Academy of Teachers’ National Committee on Sex Abuse, said mandatory sex was a national and international issue.

“[The report] makes the case that we need to have sex education in schools,” she told ABC Radio.

“It’s something that is absolutely essential.

Mandatory educational materials should be available in schools and parents and schools need to know what that is.”

She said mandatory education materials could help schools to avoid sexual abuse, and teachers to prevent it.

The government said it is also committed to supporting education in the community, including by promoting gender-neutral language and making sure schools have a diversity of learning opportunities.

Education Minister Lisa Neville said the Government is committed to making sure that children have the opportunity to learn about gender and sexuality, and the Government will continue to support schools in achieving this goal.

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