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Donald Donald Trump’s education foundation has given $1.6 million to a white supremacist organization, the group’s leaders say.

The foundation has not responded to a request for comment.

The foundation did not respond to questions about the donation.

White supremacists have been an active part of the Trump family’s life for decades.

A review of federal tax records shows Don Jr. and Eric Trump gave more than $5 million to white nationalist groups and organizations in the last decade.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE, is a white nationalist group that advocates for an “ethno-cultural homeland.”

Its leaders have said the group is “fighting to restore the white race to its rightful place as the dominant race in the world.”

The organization has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funding over the years, but its president has said its funding comes from private donors.

The Trump Foundation’s statement to The Associated Press says the money was given to “white separatist organizations and their allies in government and business.”

It says the foundation’s purpose is to “advocate for the rights and prosperity of white people” and that it will “actively engage with organizations that promote the ideals of white nationalism and white supremacy.”

The statement says Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka Trump are “fully committed to the welfare of all Americans.”

The foundation says it has never been involved in any kind of violence or criminal activity.

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