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More than 70% of British children attended primary and secondary schools before the age of seven.

But according to a new report, the nation is lagging behind in terms of the number of schools that are open for students to access free or reduced-price childcare.

The report, commissioned by the UK’s childcare industry, looked at all the primary and junior schools in the country and ranked them from best to worst.

The results were released on Monday (17 March).

Here are some of the findings: In 2017, only 8% of all primary schools opened for children under the age the age and sex of 14, compared to 13% for all secondary schools.

It is the worst in Europe and the UK was in the bottom half of the top five countries for open primary schools in terms on the number and quality of schools, according to the report.

Only five per cent of primary schools are rated as “outstanding” in terms, the report found.

The UK ranked third in the world for open schools, behind Denmark and Finland, according the report, which analysed data from the UK Department for Education.

Overall, only 10% of primary and primary-level schools have more than 50% of pupils enrolled, compared with 20% for primary and 16% for secondary schools, the government said.

It was not possible to compare the results across different types of schools.

Schools open for free childcare are not required to open for low-cost or subsidised childcare, the study said.

The report highlighted some areas where the UK is falling behind on the childcare market.

It found that a third of the UK primary schools do not have free childcare, compared, for example, with 30% in Germany and 29% in Finland.

And just 14% of children from low-income families attend schools in places that are not accessible to low-paid families, compared in England with 30 per cent in Scotland and 25 per cent on Wales.

“We know that the UK childcare market is highly competitive, and the government must continue to take action to support a more affordable and quality child care system,” said John Whittaker, director of the Childcare Industry Institute at the Child Poverty Action Group.

‘The best way to improve outcomes’ The report found that open schools are “the best way for the UK to improve the outcomes of children in primary and middle schools and to encourage more parents to take up childcare”.

“The best thing that the government can do to ensure children can access childcare at home and for the best-performing children to reach their full potential is to increase access to affordable childcare,” it added.

“But more needs to be done to ensure that children are able to access childcare, and that this is the case in all the right ways.”

The Child Poverty Agency also released its report in December 2017. “

There are some areas of childcare where children will benefit, but there are also many areas where children are going to benefit the most from it.”

The Child Poverty Agency also released its report in December 2017.

It said that “the UK needs to take immediate action to ensure the poorest children have access to good childcare”, and that there were “many barriers to access to childcare in many parts of the country”.

The government’s child care and early years policy The government has launched a “caring for your child” strategy to help ensure that families have the time, resources and financial support they need to care for their children, according.

The strategy aims to “build on the success of the early years programme and develop the capacity of carers, employers and schools to make the most of this opportunity”.

It is designed to “support the provision of affordable, accessible, safe, quality childcare for children who are at high risk of poverty, neglect or trauma, or for whom family circumstances are not working out”.

Child care and education minister Nick Boles also said in his Autumn Statement last month that the Government is “making sure every child in this country has access to quality, affordable childcare”.

The report recommends that all schools be able to open to free childcare for at least half their pupils.

The government is also committed to expanding access to free and reduced-cost childcare to every single child.

Children’s minister Claire Perry said in a statement on Monday: “We are building on the work we have already started on this issue, which includes supporting local authorities to open their own childcare services, supporting businesses to offer childcare, supporting schools to open new schools, increasing the number, quality and availability of free or low-price child care to all children, and helping parents to open a nursery, daycare or other childcare provider, and support parents to use the childcare service in their own time.”

All children need access to safe, affordable, quality care and that’s why we have taken action over the last five years to make sure every single one of our children has access, whether it’s by opening their

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