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Betsy DeVos is one of the best choices to create more diversity in education.

The new Education Secretary is a woman, the first ever female to serve as Secretary of Education and the first woman to lead the department, and she is the most experienced candidate on the job.

DeVos is an outstanding administrator who will build on the Department of Education’s success with the nation’s first federally-funded universal pre-kindergarten program, the largest school-based expansion of Head Start ever undertaken.

A highly accomplished leader and a leader for our children, DeVos is the right person to take our nation from crisis to recovery, said White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in a statement.

She is an excellent leader, a champion for our students, a teacher’s advocate and a proven leader in her role at the Department.

I look forward to working with her to make the most of the unprecedented opportunities we have to deliver results to our students. 

Trump appointed DeVos in May to a seven-year term, and her nomination was expected to come before the Senate on Thursday.

Her confirmation would give Trump the final say on the next generation of the nations education system.

DeVos is the daughter of Betsy DeVos and Jerry DeVos, the founder and chairman of the family-owned Amway Corporation.

She graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in social work and was a senior fellow for public policy at the conservative Family Research Council.

She earned a master’s degree from Harvard University and a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. 

 In 2016, DeVos co-authored the book “A Nation Divided: Why America Needs a President Who Will Make America Great Again.”

She previously served as the executive director of the Trump campaign’s national political action committee and as vice chair of the Republican National Committee. 

DeVoses parents also founded Amway, the countrys largest private-equity firm.

DeVos earned $2.3 million in salary from Amway in 2014, and in 2011 earned $4.5 million from Amways parent company, Amway Education, according to financial disclosures from her 2016 federal tax return.

Amway has more than 3,300 stores in 33 states and has $3.5 billion in annual revenue.

DeVos previously was CEO of Amway’s public education arm.

Education Secretary DeVos is widely credited with leading the Department’s efforts to expand universal preschool. 

She also created a task force to help identify ways to ensure that all children have access to preschool.

The task force, chaired by Vice President Mike Pence, was disbanded this year after months of criticism from some Democrats for failing to deliver any results.

In March 2017, DeVos was named Education Secretary by President Donald Trump, but she was never confirmed to the job, which has a 90-day deadline to be filled.

DeVos, who is a registered Republican, has repeatedly criticized President Donald Trumps administration’s decision to delay the enrollment deadline.

Trump said in March that he would like to see the deadline pushed back.

At a campaign rally in North Carolina on March 4, Trump called DeVos “a great teacher, great administrator, great person, and a great person.”

At an event on Monday in Michigan, Trump again called for the department to expand preschool enrollment, but he also said he had concerns about DeVos having too much influence over the department.

“I want to be clear about what’s at stake in this issue.

I don’t want her as Secretary, I want her to be a great leader, but I do want her,” Trump said.

“She will have tremendous influence over a number of issues in the Department, but when it comes to preschool, I will say this: When you are running the Department for a term of four years, I don�t want you to be the head of a department where you have an overwhelming influence over preschool, so I think you will get results.”

Trump also criticized DeVos for not meeting her goal to increase enrollment at the department’s schools.

 DeSamples said Monday that she is focused on building a “strong Department that does what it’s supposed to do, that is focused, that will do the right thing, and that is doing the right things at the right time.”

A number of states are working on plans to provide free or reduced-price preschool to low-income students, but DeVos has said she is not looking to expand the program beyond her home state.

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Written by Eric Russo, a local producer.

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