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A new report from the European Commission says Juventus is to take on the role as the new World Education Service, which will oversee all aspects of the education system, including the delivery of schools and educational equipment.

The new World Educational Service will be responsible for all aspects related to the development and delivery of the European Union’s 2020 Youth Strategy and the development of European Union-wide educational and cultural policies.

It is expected that the new organisation will oversee the development, operation and management of the EU’s 2020 Education Policy and the implementation of the Education Policies Directive.

“Juventus will be one of the most active and leading organisations on the international stage in the field of education,” said Joaquin Almunia, Vice-President of the Europese Union and Chief Executive of the Commission.

“This initiative is a natural fit with the global ambitions of Juventus and the Italian Federation as we build a truly global footballing institution.”

Almunia added that the creation of the World Education Organisation would give Juventus the chance to demonstrate its global leadership in the sector.

“It will be a positive signal to all stakeholders that Juventus is committed to leading in this area and in future to lead on education,” he said.

“It will give Juventus a great opportunity to lead the world in educating its youth.

The World Education Programme is a strategic, strategic and strategic partnership between Juventus and all Member States of the Community, including all Member Countries of the Club World.

Its objectives are to provide a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated education strategy and to ensure that its members achieve high levels of education attainment.”

Juventus was among the first clubs to sign a five-year contract with the new European Union initiative, which aims to transform education and training in Europe.

The organisation will be comprised of three bodies, the Youth and Sports Programme (YSP), the Sport Development Agency (SDAA), and the Development Programme (DPP).

The Youth and Sport Programme is the body responsible for the delivery and monitoring of the Youth Strategy, and is responsible for organising youth competitions and youth camps.

The SDAA works with the clubs, schools, local authorities, youth development groups and other organisations to develop, monitor and promote the success of the clubs in their sports activities and development projects.

The DPP is responsible to support the clubs and youth development organisations through a wide range of activities, from training and recruitment to technical assistance.

The Youth Development Programme is responsible both for the development activities and for the implementation and monitoring.

The European Union and its Member States will also have a role in the running of the new service, with the first task of establishing a working group, led by the Italian Sports Minister, to make recommendations to improve the existing model and improve its capacity to deliver the education and sport needs of youth.

“The European Commission’s report on the development programme will be the starting point for a long-term dialogue with all Member State partners,” said Almunias.

“We believe that it is possible to achieve a successful and harmonised solution and the new entity will be part of the future governance of the organisation.”

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