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Education experts and former teachers say that the biggest problem in the US education system is that the schools are not good at teaching children and the teachers are not well trained to deal with students.

“We have a system that’s really broken,” says Karyn Haines, author of The Good School Solution.

“I think what’s happening is the system is not being properly maintained.

And I think the biggest issue is the lack of quality teachers.”

Hainest says she wants the schools to have as many people who are “good teachers as possible” and has introduced the HBA program, which allows teachers to earn up to $500,000 per year in retirement.

And she says there are programs for those who can’t find jobs and who are in need of help.

But even the best schools don’t always have the resources to do the right thing.

Hainst says, “There are schools in the country that have been struggling for years with what to do about the underfunding and lack of teachers.

They’re just not providing the training to get to the best teachers.”

“There’s no doubt there are a lot of good teachers out there who are going to be unable to teach their students because they’re not being trained,” says Hain.

“But what the government has done is they have set up a number of different programs that allow teachers to get paid more to be able to work in these schools.

And if teachers can’t get paid, the system doesn’t have enough teachers.

There’s no way to teach children when the system’s not working.”

One of the biggest problems is that most schools don: the US has one of the highest percentage of public schools in terms of student-to-student transfers, with roughly 20% of students in the public school system receiving their education through a public school.

In addition, according to Hain, about 30% of teachers are part-time, which makes it difficult for teachers to maintain their careers.

Hains says she thinks schools are failing to recruit, because the quality of teachers is not high.

And many schools don, in fact, have very low student-teacher ratios.

“It’s the same reason that in many other countries, they have a high percentage of poor children,” she says.

“When you have low student populations, you have fewer teachers.

So what they’re trying to do is get the quality teachers, but the quality is not the same in schools that are struggling.”

Hains also says that schools aren’t being adequately funded.

And teachers are being fired for poor performance.

But there’s one problem with that argument: there’s no real data to back up the claims that teachers are poorly trained or that there’s a shortage of teachers in the schools.

The U.S. Department of Education is tracking the performance of teachers across the country.

And the data does show that there are problems.

In the 2012-2013 school year, the Education Department reported that there were 2.6 million teachers who were not in the classroom at the end of the year.

Of that number, about 8,500 were either leaving the profession, had quit teaching or had retired.

About 5,000 teachers were retired.

And of the remaining teachers, nearly 6,000 were working in other jobs, either full-time or part- time, and about 1,800 were retired teachers.

And in the 2013-2014 school year the number of teachers who retired fell from 5,835 to 5,539.

However, there are no data for the year 2012-2014, which Hain says is a good time to look at the numbers.

The data is based on the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The numbers for the first half of this year are not available, but Hain also notes that data from that year showed that only about 2,200 of the 8,000 retired teachers had retired before 2012-13.

That number rose to 4,749 by the end the year, and Hain points out that that number has increased since then.

The number of teaching positions, or teachers, in the United States is rising, but there’s not much data on how much of that increase is due to a rise in the number working in the field and how much is due due to the lack for other workers to find work in the profession.

So it’s hard to know how much the profession is actually improving.

In her book, Hain tells a story about a teacher in Tennessee who got fired from a private school after just a year.

The teacher had just been in the school for a year, which meant she was about 30 minutes from her home.

The next day she was hired by a private preschool and was making $15 an hour.

The teachers in Tennessee are making $30,000 a year in state pay, which is not enough to cover a full- time teacher’s living expenses.

But they still have to pay their bills, which

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