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An online video course by a group of prominent educators on the topic of classical education in India offers an insight into what it means to be an educator.

The Classical Instruction and Classical Education Programme, a collaboration between the Association for the Advancement of Classical Education and the Federation of Indian Schools, aims to increase the awareness and skills of students in classical education.

The course, which has been shared by the Federation and by the Association of Classical Educators (ACE), aims to introduce students to classical and modern literature, history, music, theatre, dance and drama and the importance of classical teaching and teaching traditions.

The programme, which is aimed at both undergraduate and graduate students, is intended to help them understand how classical education has been practiced throughout the centuries.

A video of the course, entitled ‘Classical Education in India’, has been posted on YouTube and has been viewed over 10 million times.

“We are not a new phenomenon.

The first students who were to enrol in the ACE were students who had already attended the ACEPs programme.

The students who came after were more interested in classical learning, they wanted to know about classical history and literature,” the ACEs director Ashok Goyal told The Hindu.

The ACE has organised a seminar on classical education at the end of the year.

“We want to help students understand how the classical tradition is taught in our country,” he added.

In the video, students are shown how to write letters, listen to music, read poetry, sing, speak, read, listen, and do the basic exercises.

The student who takes the course is given a diploma in Classical Education from the Federation, a certificate of learning in classical music from the ACES and a certificate from the Association.

“It’s a very meaningful course, especially for those students who are already enrolled in ACE programmes.

The teachers have been very kind to us and have ensured that we get a certificate and diploma for the students,” said a student, who wished to remain anonymous.

The Federation of Classical Schools has decided to sponsor the class of 2019 for its own students and to help facilitate the registration of students for the ACCE programme.

“The Federation has been very supportive of us.

We have been able to get students enrolled through the ACECs programme, they are also getting the certificate and a diploma from the federation,” he said.

The Federation of India has a membership of over 300,000 and has more than 50,000 students.

It has a reputation as a top-notch institution in India.

The association has more students in all of India.

ACE director Ashish Singh also said that the Federation was very grateful to the Federation for supporting ACE.

“ACE is not just an organisation but it is also an organisation that teaches a lot of children to be teachers and learners,” he told The Hindustan Times.

“Its the same organisation that is helping us to get more students enrolled.

We want to encourage students to be involved in education and the future of India,” he further added.

“This course will help them to understand how it is taught and how it has been practised for centuries.

It will also help them become educated citizens and citizens of the world.”

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