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FourFourtwo readers asked: “What does Ed Balls have to lose by trying to be PM?

I’m not sure he has any real chance of winning a general election in 2020, but his reputation is on the line.”

The Lib Dems have had a decent start to the year, but the party’s poll ratings are down on 2015 and have been hit hard by the Grenfell Tower disaster.

The party lost the general election last year, losing votes to the Tories, the Liberal Democrats and Ukip.

However, it has held onto the party whip, and now sits on just two seats, meaning it is in position to form a minority government in Parliament.

Ed Balls has a strong chance of being re-elected as Lib Dem leader, and if he wins he would be the first leader of the UK’s main opposition party to be elected in 2020.

What is Ed Balls’ legacy?

The question comes up regularly in conversations about Ed Balls, the Labour leader, who has been at the centre of a number of scandals in recent years.

Eds past controversies include: making an obscene phone call to a colleague and an obscene picture of himself with his finger on his penis.

The MP also has a record of being abusive towards women.

He has been accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Ed has denied these allegations.

He was also accused of using the House of Commons toilet while his wife was in the room.

Ed denied any wrongdoing and said that his wife and children were there during the incident.

Ed was forced to apologise after he was accused of sexually assaulting a constituent.

What do the polls say?

Ed Balls has been the most successful party leader in the UK in recent decades, but polls have consistently showed him falling short of winning the 2020 general election.

The most recent polls put the Lib Dem in third place in the polls, and he has also struggled to gain the support of the party voters.

What are the challenges Ed Balls faces?

Ed Balls is the most prominent politician to resign or be removed from office over the past few years.

However, he has faced a number issues that have forced him to change his style of leadership.

One of the most pressing is the rise of Ukip, which has gained momentum since the Grenfall Tower disaster in which at least 52 people died.

Ukip is now the largest political party in the country, and the party has gained a huge following in Scotland.

Ed believes he needs to be seen as the voice of working class people, and has made himself more popular with working class voters.

Ed has also faced criticism from many Labour MPs, who feel that he is not doing enough to unite the party and build a new left-wing coalition.

This has also forced him, over the course of the last few years, to take a tougher stance on Brexit, including backing a softer Brexit.

Ed Balls also faces criticism from some members of his own party, who see his handling of the Grenfords disaster as the main reason why the party lost in 2015.

The disaster left people feeling vulnerable and demoralised, and Ed Balls was criticised for being too soft on the disaster.

The general election also brought a new leader to the Labour party, and this new leader has yet to gain traction, but has the party under control.

This means Ed Balls needs to make a major statement about what he stands for, and how he will approach the general elections.

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