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The education funding formulas used to calculate how much money states get from federal funding to help students attend college are outdated and should be revised, according to a report from the Council of State Governments.

In the latest version of the state’s formula, which is used to decide how much funding is allocated to each state, the amount that states get is based on a number of assumptions that may not be accurate, said the report released Monday.

That means states may be getting more money for students than they’re actually getting, or states are getting less money than they deserve.

The federal government funds all state and local education programs and has a direct interest in how the funding is distributed.

The federal government has an interest in keeping the state budgets balanced, and there are certain things that can’t be done in Washington that can be done on a state-by-state basis, said Julie Buehler, who heads the Council on Education and the Workforce.

For instance, states are required to give their highest education funding to districts that perform the best.

The U.S. Department of Education and state education agencies make a number other assumptions that are often overlooked or not taken into account.

For example, the report found that states may receive more federal aid to help with state costs if they are more educated, or if they have higher rates of student poverty, as well as less funding for students in low-income families.

The U.s.

Department for Education has been criticized for some of its spending practices, including the way it calculates how much federal money it provides to states.

In 2014, for instance, the agency reported that it provided a state with $1 billion in federal aid that it then spent on things like scholarships, grants and loans to help pay for the cost of college, not to help schools improve.

In 2016, the federal government released a report that said states could get up to $1.5 billion more in federal education aid for a year by giving them more money in grants and tax credits to help them pay for students.

But the report did not address the state of the formula used to determine how much states get.

And it’s not clear that states are being reimbursed for the extra money.

Buehler said the state should be reimbursed if the formula is too outdated.

She said that’s because the formula was created in 1980 and was written in the 1990s, before the Internet and other technologies made it easier for students to access financial aid online.

She called for the state to be given more transparency in the state formula.

Buerhler said she believes that states should be able to have their own, independent evaluations of how much their schools are spending on students.

But she said it’s too early to say how the states should spend that money.

She also said the federal formula should be changed to be more reflective of current trends in student enrollment.

The report also noted that states can receive up to 5 percent of their gross state product in federal funding if they do a better job of meeting the state-level goals set out in the national goal of 10 percent for all students by 2020.

That amount is about $3 billion per year.

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