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Apple is launching a new service for its education products, priced at $99 per year.

It will be available to all students in the US and Canada, with a total of two million teachers in the country.

The free Apple Education app, which will also be available for iPad and Mac computers, is aimed at teachers who want to share their courses and help them with the course load.

The new pricing will be applied on the Apple App Store, and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Apple has made no secret of its desire to be able to offer its own online education service.

The company has been able to do so for years on iOS, with the Apple Watch and the iPad.

In 2018, Apple said it was “in talks” with several education providers to offer their own online educational products.

But that effort hasn’t happened.

Apple said the company “may be working to add a third-party platform to enable access to Apple’s cloud-based and online learning offerings.”

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