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By Chris Ritter Fox Sports • March 17, 2018 04:21:23 The NCAA has issued a statement, calling for an independent investigation into its oversight of the football program, which has been embroiled in multiple scandals.

The statement issued on Wednesday said the committee has been unable to reach consensus on the NCAA’s oversight of football programs since the NCAA Board of Governors was formed in February 2019.

The NCAA said the investigation was launched after the Board of Regents voted to investigate the allegations of improper recruiting practices by the Pittsburgh Panthers and Louisville Cardinals, and the alleged mishandling of football scholarships.

It is the second time the NCAA has called for an investigation into the football programs.

Last month, the NCAA Executive Committee voted unanimously to remove former assistant coach Jim McElwain and former defensive coordinator Jeff Brohm from the NCAA team for their alleged involvement in recruiting the Pittsburgh Steelers, who finished last season without a single win.

The move prompted a backlash from football fans and players, who demanded an independent probe into the situation.

It’s no secret that the football industry is not immune to allegations of corruption, and this is an unfortunate, but necessary, step to protect the integrity of our institutions and their players.

We are deeply disappointed that the Board has failed to reach a consensus on a comprehensive investigation.

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