Education|minecraft Education Edition

A new Minecraft-inspired school in Perth has been unveiled by the Perth School of Education.

The new school was built on a foundation of the school’s existing Minecraft classrooms, which it hopes will become a regular feature in classrooms across Perth.

In addition to Minecraft, the Perth Minecraft School includes a science theme to create an immersive learning environment for students and staff.

“Minecraft is something that I’ve always been passionate about,” teacher Lisa Taylor said.

“I’ve played it since I was a kid and I really enjoyed playing it, I really loved the story behind it and how it could make a real impact on our world.”

My own family are big Minecraft fans so we’ve had lots of great feedback on the concept, from kids to parents to staff.

“The Minecraft School is located in the Perth CBD and it’s the second Minecraft themed school in the country.

The first was a Minecraft school in Newcastle in the north of the state, which has since closed.

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